DARULFIKIR began its operations on 17 Februari 1984, beginning its journey in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur. What began as a company dedicated to printing Al-Qurans soon grew into an enterprise that spans printing, publishing, sourcing and distributing of all sorts of Islamic literature, including antique books. It was registered on February 27, 1984.

The company also incorporated under the name DARULFIKIR SDN BHD on March 21, 1989 to undertake the printing of the al-Quran.

Company DARULFIKIR PROPERTIES (M) SDN BHD was incorporated on 26 January 2005 and is the main body of the group companies DARULFIKIR that houses DARULFIKIR company, DARULFIKIR PRINT SDN BHD, ZAHIR INTERNATIONAL (M) BHD, CLEAN and MAS’ADAH SUPPORT SDN BHD (M) SDN BHD.