With more than 30 years of experience in Malaysia's book industry, DARULFIKIR has been the premier choice in the printing of Al-Qurans and other Islamic literature geared for the Malay language market


для создания структуры которая будет http://isc.bodyprinting.net/priority/yablonya-avgustovskaya-opisanie-foto.html яблоня августовская описание фото DARULFIKIR began its operations on 17 February 1984, beginning its journey in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur. What began as a company dedicated to printing Al-Qurans soon grew into an enterprise that spans printing, publishing, sourcing and distributing of all sorts of Islamic literature, including antique books

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Our Services

Although we began as a source for Al Qurans and other Islamic texts, DARULFIKIR has expanded its services to include software and real estate


тимати ключи от рая скачать We specialize in printing Al Quran as well as other Islamic texts, but also have experience in printing textbooks and customized prayer books (like Yaasin)

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http://cityptz.ru/library/problemi-patsienta-pri-chmt.html проблемы пациента при чмт We acquire publications from the Middle East, US, UK, Holland and Indonesia, and distribute across our various sales channels domestically

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понятие огнетушащих веществ We publish a wide array of non-Quran texts, such as school textbooks, self-help books, fiction, non-fiction as well as educational materials

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Real Estate

http://open-emr.noblesmart.com/owner/instruktsiya-po-ohrane-truda-dlya-dvornik.html инструкция по охране труда для дворник DARULFIKIR has holdings throughout Kuala Lumpur, with much of it concentrated in the Kampung Baru area, as well as other parts of the peninsula

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Our bestsellers include books geared towards teaching beginners how to read Arabic and we plan on expanding operations into training and teaching

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